Sunday, August 10, 2008

Your Magic is Working

Baby your magic is working
I lose control of my self every time you are near me
I feel my self changing
From a guy ti cynical for love
into a blushing romantic
Oh honey i'd swim across the atlantic
Just to be near to you i'm hoping like a kangaroo

Baby your magic is working
all of my friends think i'm mad
'cause i talk of nothing about you girl
How u've really changed me
from a guy thought too cynical for love
You've proven everyone wrong
Anywhere with you girl is where i belong
Everything is beautiful and you are the reason

Lately i've been so happy
Just holding you and gazing into ur eyes like in a movie
You are a star..I mean a starlet
Listen the night we met I fell in love with you
Who'd have guessed who've have guessed
Im in love, Im in love!

How u really changed me
From a guy too cynical for love
Suddenly i felt a light as a butterfly
and wanting to give love another try
Everthing is beautiful and you are the reason

Baby ur magic is working
my mirror reflection is you
looking coquet and smirking
Now your magic is working

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