Saturday, July 9, 2011

How To Describe? by Desinta Intan

4 years ago, first day at college. The feeling of being a freshman, barely known anyone.
Though in that case, thank God, I got Airin, a humble, angelic and motherly girl, who saved me from the awkwardness of being a freshman -- we went on the same high school and accepted on the same university.

I remember I was a bit late on my first day, the class was packed. "Okay be cool, where to sit? where to sit?" I kept looking for an empty seat, Airin waved at me, there's an empty seat at the back, the very back beside this dark haired girl. "Shit, sitting next to a good looking girl, bet she's popular." So this girl, she had quite a sharp stare, quiet, but once she started talking, her voice is calming, soft, and friendly. Definitely Javanese. But still, cant stand the stare. Her name is Asti.

In front of me, sat a very cheerful girl, the kind that smiles all the time, bouncy, joy poppin and all that happiness. "Shit, i wish i was that secure, i wish i was that confident." Being super friendly, she introduced herself with a big smile.. "Rika". Next to her there's this girl that caught my eye. The kind of girl who has "attitude", you know, proud and i-know-how-to-behave kind of attitude. Tya, the girl with an attitude. She knows how to start a conversation, she knows how to approach people, She knows how to be there. Very impressive. Airin sat in front of her, next to Airin sat another quiet girl. I wasn't paying enough intention on this girl and in that class we barely talk to each other too. Until after the class, Airin introduced her as Asha, the absurd, genius, one-of-a-kind Asha. While in our first class, they divided the students into small groups. Each groups must consist of 7 students and Mayu came, she sat way in the first row in front of the class, walked to the back and introduced herself to the 6 of us. Being all shy, polite, this girl is harmless (at first i thought she was harmless).

There it was, my first 6 new friends on first day of college. Who would've thought they'd be my everything in my college days. 4 years of solid friendship and going strong. Been through one hell of many many many good times and bad times. We helped each other build our characters, how to support each other through each of our personal problems, sharing laughs and tears, countless deep quality times, we open ourself into one another and let them dig deeper into personal matters. Too many stories and memories to tell.

I love us. I miss us.

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