Friday, December 2, 2011

PROCESS. What's that supposed to mean? Some say it's the time when you learn something, experience something until you get what you want. You achieve your goal. The things you learn during a process is what makes the person you are now. Our life based on process. Process exist since the day we're born. We learn how to walk, talk, get dressed, tie a shoe with going through a process. But those are simple things. As we grow older, going through process can sometimes be something excruciating, devastating and hopeless. For example, moving on. Our goal is a closure when we talk about moving on. You long for that one time when you finally have the guts to say "That's it. I'm done." But it's a long long way to go through, well depends on what your case actually. Process lies in between the massive downfall and closure. It takes time, sometimes huge amount of time. Now, the time in between is where we learn. When heart fights brain. Logic versus feelings. Where there are doubts, urges, denials, hopes, optimism, pessimism, pros and cons, options and other people point of view. The time in between, once again, is where we learn. A learning process. --- This time, the time in between, is the moment where we've got to decide should we called it off or should we stay and try one more time, one more time, and one more time.

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