Tuesday, May 14, 2013

it always be like "you helped someone, and then by the time u needed help they're just not there"

they're not there and they just didn't wanna try to understand 

nobody really cares. if you're miserable or what. 
too bad. 
and it hurts.

and what hurts most is when your loved ones, also did that to you.


i make mistakes.
i know that.
so do you, really...

why you always see me as a person that will always makes mistakes no matter what

and you see "yourself" as a person who always right?
can i just ask you why? 

u don't care when i get sick.

u don't care when every month i got mood swings on pms. u just don't get it. 
sometimes u just don't care about my story if it's not related to you. you're not listening


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Anonymous said...

excellently written .... how easy to express the feeling on paper instead of telling to others ....